10. juli 2010

Peace and love for bride and groom

My cousin is getting married today!

This is my present for the happy couple.
A strange gift for a summer wedding,
you might think.
But where the wedding is taking place
in the northern part of Norway,
the average temperature last July
was 12 degrees Celcius.

So mittens can come in handy!

The groom's pair is made of Rauma "3tr strikkegarn", on needles 3 mm. I used a little less than one and a half 50 g skein of the main colour, and one skein of the contrasting colour.

For the bride's pair I used less half a skein Rauma lamullgarn of each colour, on needles 2,5 mm. The size difference is obtained just by different gauge. The groom's pair is obviously a bit thicker.

The pattern is mine, Selbu Peace&Love Mittens.

I have translated the pattern,
it's now available also in Norwegian,
pattern is called
"Votter for kjærleik og fred"

Choose the file "Selbu Peace&Love mittens" if you want the English version.

Choose the file "Votter for kjærleik og fred" if you want the Norwegian version.

2 kommentarer:

Ulla-Bella sa...

Nydelige votter du lager!

Nina sa...

Beautiful mittens!

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