1. desember 2010

Hooray for Free pattern testers group

This must be one of Ravelry's nicest group! I reedited the pattern for the hat I made for my mother last year. And put up a request for test knitting in this group. Within a couple of days I had six test knitters. Some of them have already finished their hats. I decided to make another hat along with my test knitters. Here's my "snow gazing hat". I ran out of green yarn, but I think the blue on the top worked fine.

Here's the big dipper:

And here Cassiopeia, one of my favourite constellations.

The pattern has been updated with one more size, so now you can make it for a toddler and up to adult large.

The pattern is available both in English (Stargazing hat)

and Norwegian (Stjernekikkerlue)

Btw - I didn't get anyone to test knit the Norwegian version of the pattern, so if anyone is interested, just make a comment, send me a Ravelry message or send me an e-mail!

2 kommentarer:

Nina sa...

Very cute!

Mary Lou sa...

I have used that group - it's great. And a very cute hat. Cassiopeia is one of the few constellations I can spot,along with Orion.

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