19. desember 2010

Button solution!

Remember my button problem? I followed Mary Lou's advice, and got new buttons.

The beautiful, vintage, etsy buttons found a new home on my old black coat, in stead of boring black plastic mittens.

Then I needed a hat to go with the buttons - so I made this:

Well, actually I was going to make a small cowl, working in the round. But as I was trying it on, I saw it wanted to be a hat in stead. The pattern was gifted to me through Ravelry from a blog friend, Josefina Knits from Chile. She makes pretty cabled cowls and other accessories - and is looking forward to autumn..

The pompom was quickly made with a little bit of yarn, fork and scissors, learned from EskimimiKnits.

Edited to add information about the cowl/hat pattern: It's Flowers and leaves cowl, by Gabriela Ordenes. She also has an Etsy shop.

4 kommentarer:

Mary Lou sa...

The coat and the sweater look wonderful. And thanks for the link to pompoms made with a fork. I have a few to make today, and will try that technique. I wonder if I can make larger pompoms with a bigger fork?

Annepålandet sa...

En lue til å matche knappene - sånn tenker bare en strikker :-)
Kjempefint ble det!

D Louise sa...

Beautiful hat! Is the name of the pattern you started with a secret or is it one of your own??

torirot sa...

Thank you, D Louise. And no, it's no secret, just forgot. It's "Flowers and leaves cowl", by Gabriela Ordenes. (Will edit post)

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