27. november 2010

"I think it's more than thousand"

said my five year old. And he was right - there are 1.300 Christmas balls on this year's designer tree at Maihaugen, Lillehammer.

Read about their "Julekuler" book here (in English).

We went to have a look at the traditional Christmas market. It's always nice to visit the market.

Yarn from Leine Merino.

And before leaving, we even had a chance to say hello to Arne and Carlos!

Have a nice weekend, everyone!

4 kommentarer:

Josep Mestres sa...

Fantastica decoración para navidad, que bonitas fotos con toda esa nieve, enanitos,etc.

Hemskapat sa...

I am looking for a bullfinch bird pattern and keep endig up at your blog! Do you by any chance have such pattern? Thank you

torirot sa...

I have no idea why you end up at my blog. I didn't even know the word bullfinch. Looked it up, and understand it's "dompap" in Norwegian, but I don't have a pattern for that either. A search gave me this: http://www.norge123.no/Medlemmer/bilde.aspx?30303333596D6C735A4756705A4430794E4455344E54453D2D614A44435A3033507A59453D#bilde

Maybe that can help you?

Cattinka sa...

I knitted a few julekuler this year, the hipe just got to Germany this year. I wish I could have seen that tree it is beautiful.

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