October 30, 2011

Ginger bread hat

Thanks for your congratulations on my pattern in "Eplas Jul".! Here comes another Ginger bread pattern!

Once again a new design is inpired by a comptetition.... Not the design itself, because I had had that in my head for a while, but the fact that it's coming now. Pinneguri told me that Mauds garn is asking people to upload a hat on their facebook page within November 1st, and she thought of me. So the Ginger bread hat was made. Partly knitted in Italy, it has even been on the top of Vesuvius!

The hat is worked in a new acquaintance for me,
Drops Nepal, a blend of wool and alpaca.
The result is a thick, warm, and still soft hat.

The pattern is ready! The Norwegian version has been test knitted by Babben. Thanks a lot, Babben! Babben used Sterk from Du store alpakka, another blend: 40 % alpaca, 40 % merino, 20 % nylon, which obviously worked fine too. (Exept for the felting.)
The English pattern is ready to be test knitted, if anyone is interested. Choose five from eight different motifs,
or draw your own in the blank chart.
The ginger bread couple is felted and embroidered.

You can buy the Norwegian pattern here, $ 4.50.

3 kommentarer:


Så fine luer du har laget!!!
Og så fin bok - hurra!

Da jeg var liten, trodde jeg også at det var trærne som beveget seg og laget vind - og ikke omvendt. Sånn er det å ha vokst opp i en skogkledt dal i innlandet...

Ha en riktig fin uke! Hva skal vi finne på nå da, når gryteklutbytteringen er over....:-(

EllenSand said...

For en herlig lue.
Ellen :)

Pinneguri said...

Gratulerer med mønster i bok! Og for en stilig lue :)

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