13. april 2013

Sunny Easter Tunic

I didn't plan this project. 
The yarn was meant for something else,
a new design
so far only in my head.
I started, but realized, 
the colours had too little contrast 
for what I had in mind. 
The needle size I had brought
was wrong too.
So I ripped it, and changed my plans.

is a very cute,
and well written pattern. 
It calls for fingering yarn,
so I had to make some modifications, 
working with a thicker yarn,
Rauma Mitu, a wool/alpaca blend.

I think it worked out quite nicely.
I'm surprised this pattern 
does not have more projects on Ravelry.
It's published in English and Danish.
It's perfect for stash busting.

1 kommentarer:

dorothee draft sa...

J'aime beaucoup : la forme, le choix des coloris, joli joli !

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