6. april 2013

Designing the blomekrans vest

I promised to tell you some more about this vest. 

I had the idea during the Shetland Wool Week. I saw a vest when visiting Shetland Collection Open Studio, with fair isle pattern all over, and a round neckline, that I liked. I decided I had to make patterned vest with a similar neckline. I don't know where the flowers came from, suddenly I just saw them. Here's the first sketch I made in my notebook. 

And here's the finished vest from behind. 

During the Wool Week, I had already bought yarn for two sweaters, and this vest idea came to me just before leaving Shetland, so I had to order most of the yarn online.I had some of the colours already, and it was a lucky match. It's not always easy to match colours from online photos. 

I was struggling to figure out how to do the waist shaping with these big flowers. Suddenly I realized I would have to make decreases and increases between the flowers, and not only in the sides, and I was glad to see that this actually worked. Making the charts for the different sizes was also quite a job. I have not used a technical editor before, but for a multisized garment like this, I saw that that was absolutely necessary. I was happy to have an experienced designer and tech editor help me, Sarah Hatton.

I was also very happy to have two super skilled test knitters, who both have done a lot of fantastic colourwork before, Pinneguri and Jettshin.  Pinneguri actually made two vests! Jettshin turned it into a very colourful short sleeved sweater. I'm planning to make a sweater version myself. But then I have lots of other plans too, so I'm not sure when. 


7 kommentarer:

dorothee draft sa...

Définitivement un bien joli modèle !

torirot sa...

Merci beaucoup, Dorothée!

Judith sa...

Denne står høyt på mi strikkeliste, den er så vakker! Skal fullføre noen rosa elger først, så skal jeg på garnjakt:-)
Ha ei fin helg.


Står på strikkelista mi også! Spørsmålet er NÅR... Har allerede tenkt ut hva slags garn jeg skal bruke. Det blir nok en genserversjon her også.
Så mye fint, så lite tid...
God søndag!

Flowermouse Design sa...

Impressing work and I really like the waist shape. I have missed that in norwegian pattern for years. Very creative - thank you for sharing your skills and your patterns!!

Mette sa...

Nydeleg! Det klør i fingrane

torirot sa...

Tusen takk, Judith, Anne, Lone og Mette!!

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