9. mai 2013

Mittens in May

It's May, and finally trees are getting 
that beautiful green, promising shade. 

In spite of the season, I have cast on a new pair of mittens. 
Colours inspired by spring, though. 
(Some left over Kauni Rainbow yarn.) 
The mittens are for the Projo Mittenalong on Facebook
that I recently joined. Ravelry project page here.
(what yo see is what you get, 
Drops patterns have such boring names...)

I'm omitting the patterned cuff, working a 2x2 ribbing. 
I'm working the ribbing flat, as you can see. 
I often do that, mostly because I'm lazy,
but also because I think my ribbings 
are often prettier when worked flat. 

Here's a lonely, lost mitten I found on my Sunday walk the other day. 

Happy spring knitting, everyone!

If I were not busy with too many projects, 
I would have joined Pinneguri's girl dress KAL.
But there is a secret test knit I have to finish (nearly there), 
then there is another secret project, my own, new sweater design, 
that I don't think you'll be seeing in a few months, 
so just forget I told you. 
Then there is a half finished girl tunic already, 
so casting on another would not be the best idea. 
Then I have to swatch for my Blomekrans sweater, 
and the KAL starting on in less than a week. 
Busy, busy...

1 kommentarer:


Haha, her går det så de suser!
Jeg er også med på den vottealongen, men er litt bakpå - som alltid.
Uansett - jeg har strikket prøvelapp til Blomekransen, og er klar for KAL!
Ha en fin helg!

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