23. mars 2013

Lillehammer hat pattern for sale

You might have seen on Facebook or on Ravelry that the Lillehammer hat "Lillehammerlua" is now available - in Norwegian. An idea for Easter knitting, perhaps? 

It's a hat in stranded colourwork hat with skiers and snow motifs, inspired by Lillehammer ski races.

The garter stitch brim with ear flaps is worked flat, ear flaps formed with short rows.
The rest of the hat is worked in the round.
The gauge is 22 sts in 10 cm, so it's a relatively quick knit. And it's fun to see the skiers grow - "just one more round". 
My hat is worked in Rauma Mitu, a wool/alpaca blend, really soft an warm. 

The pattern has been test knitted by Gøril. Here's her version, knitted in Hifa2Ask

21. mars 2013

Thursday treat

Hot chocolate with marshmallows and Arne&Carlos' new craft book, "Håndarbeid fra hagen", at Lykkelige dager

17. mars 2013

February potholder for Bente-Tove

I sent this potholder from the Zoo to Bente-Tove

16. mars 2013

Pot holder fun!

Thank you so much for your nice comments on my last post. I'm very happy about how my vest pattern has been received on Ravelry. But now something else: This year's pot holder swap is about to finish. Lots of colourful and creative pot holders has been made and changed owner. Here's the January potholder I received from Annepaalandet.

And here are all the potholders I got this year!

And these are the ones from last year, photographed after one year of use.


13. mars 2013

Hot right now!

Please forgive my bragging, but for some hours today, my new pattern was top five on Ravelry's "hot right now" list on the pattern page. For a while it was number two!

At the moment, it's number fourteen, not bad either. Here are a couple of photos of the vest, called Blomekrans.
I'll tell you more about the pattern later, just needed to share my excitement.

11. mars 2013

Finally a shawl

Started: May 2010
Finished: March 2013

Pattern: Armorique
Designer: Anette Petavy

Yarn: Frøyagarn (Viking of Norway) - sock yarn
Needles: 3,5 mm

Modifications: Omitted scallops or leaves on the edge, as I was eager to get this out of my wips, and there was an upcoming birthday.

Notes: Hook not allowed on plane, so I had to leave my first hook on the other side of the Atlantic in 2010. But I had more hooks at home, so the airport is not to blame for me using almost three years on this project. Probably Ravelry and my startitis are to blame...

9. mars 2013

Lillehammer hat

Remember my Lillehammer mittens?

Here's a hat to go with them.

Remember last year's Birkebeiner competition between my sister and her friend?

The hat is this year's price for the one who improves the time more, 
relatively that is, so there will be calculations involved too. 

The hat is worked in Rauma mitu, a wool/alpaca blend, that is soft and gives a warm fabric. It's nice to knit with.

The garter stitch brim with ear flaps is worked flat, ear flaps formed with short rows.

The rest of the hat is worked in the round.

And this hat definitely needed a pompom!

Pattern is ready for test knitting - in Norwegian. Interested, anyone?

3. mars 2013

In the Zoo!

In February, the Potholder Swap went to the Zoo - and my swap mate wwent to the Aquarium. Look what I found in my mailbox yesterday!

A little butterfly had escaped to join the party too!

Thank you so much, Hannesol!

Here in the house, they say this potholder is cooler than the one I'm sending away. Good for us! But I hope Bente-Tove will like her potholder too. It will soon be on its way to her. When she's received it, I'll show you, and you can judge for yourself.

Have a wonderful Sunday everyone, in the Zoo or elsewhere!

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