11. mars 2013

Finally a shawl

Started: May 2010
Finished: March 2013

Pattern: Armorique
Designer: Anette Petavy

Yarn: Frøyagarn (Viking of Norway) - sock yarn
Needles: 3,5 mm

Modifications: Omitted scallops or leaves on the edge, as I was eager to get this out of my wips, and there was an upcoming birthday.

Notes: Hook not allowed on plane, so I had to leave my first hook on the other side of the Atlantic in 2010. But I had more hooks at home, so the airport is not to blame for me using almost three years on this project. Probably Ravelry and my startitis are to blame...

4 kommentarer:

dorothee draft sa...

Joli pour le printemps !

Flowermouse Design sa...

Looks awesome!!!! The good thing about UFOs is that they will always be there until we pick them up again... LOL!!

WildflowerWool sa...

Looks great. I love the purple!

Mary Lou sa...

Oh no, blame it on airport security! It is lovely and bright.

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