27. juni 2013

Blomekrans Blanket

Pinneguri, who test knitted  the Blomekrans vest, asked med a while ago if I could make a baby blanket pattern with the flowers, since she wanted to knit that. Hard to say no...!

Here's her finished blanket!    Beautiful, isn't it?  

The pattern has been available in Norwegian for a while,
but has now been translated to English.

Pattern details 

27 sts and 33 rounds in 4 x 4 inches / 10 x 10 cm 
(Gauge is not crucial for the result; 
the blanket will be a little smaller or larger 
if your gauge differs from the suggested.) 

Yarn suggestion 
Wollmeise sock yarn, Shetland spindrift, J&S jumper weight,
 Rauma Finullgarn  or similar, 
in three colours, one background colour, 
one colour for the leaves and one for the flowers. 

Circular needles 60[80] cm in a size 
that gives you the right gauge in stranded colourwork.
 A longer circular one size smaller for the edging (120 or 150 cm) 

Small blanket: 28 x 27 inches / 71 x 69 cm
 Medium sized blanket: 32 x 31 inches / 82 x 79 cm
 Large blanket: 37 x 38 inches / 94 x 96 cm


The blanket is worked in the round, and edge stitches are picked up after cutting the steek. This is the largest version, so there's an awful lot of edge stitches... The edging is a modified version og this  edging from the Purl Bee. 

Thanks a lot, Pinneguri, for the idea and the test knitting!
And thanks for letting me use your photos. 

All photos in this post are © pinneguri

26. juni 2013

Mystery shawl clue #3

Clue #4 is up, and probably there are lots of finished photos in the thread in the Ravelry group. I checked there for the first three clues, but for the last clue, I wanted to keep the mystery all the way. I had the chart in the pattern of course, but I'm not able to figure out what a lace will look like from seeing the chart. I love working from charts, I think it's much easier than written instructions (in fact, I would never have worked lace like this if it wasn't charted). But still, lace pattern making is a mystery to me, even without a mystery KAL. Even so, I can tell you a small secret - I have included a little lace (very simple),  in my mystery mitten pattern. Introduction is up today

Here's a closeup of clue #3 from TTL's mystery shawl:

16. juni 2013

Mystery shawl clue #2

My water melon shawl is coming along nicely. Still enjoying the  pattern. More red lace in clue #3.

8. juni 2013

Knitting on the train

Knit in public day!

4. juni 2013

Mystery Shawl in progress

Here's the progress so far. First clue finished: 

Someone mentioned on Ravelry 
it reminded her of a slice of watermelon.
We happened to have a watermelon in the house, 
so I had to make this photo. 

Btw - the watermelon is from Brazil, 
bought in Lillehammer, Norway
where it costs 10 NOK,  appr 1.50 USD. 
How is that possible?

Btw2 - I'm amazed and thankful of all the interest
for the Mystery Mitten KAL in July. 
almost a month before the KAL starts. 

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