29. mars 2014

Goodies from Breidag #1

I did not leave empty handed from Amersfoort. 
Among other things, I was given the traditional stroopwafels, 
I brought them home, and then they were gone. 
I don't know anybody who doesn't like stroopwafels! 

I'm also happy to say I could bring home a new skill: 
Double knitting! 
I was taught by the lovely Daphne
I have always imagined it would be very difficult, f
iddly and time consuming to do, 
but I was happy to discover it is not, i
t's quick, easy, fun, and addictive!

You can do it too! 
and knit yourself some Amsterdam houses. 

1 kommentarer:

WildflowerWool sa...

I'm glad you like double knitting, it is really fun!

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