25. september 2014

#WIPCrackAway KAL

I have joined the WIPCrackAway KAL

Here are my WIPs that I'd like to finish:

I decided to start with the smaller one: Almost finished now!

6 kommentarer:


Søteste lille genseren! Artig med en annerledes barnegenser :-)

duBedåre sa...

Så lekker! fine farger, og liker de store mønsterrapportene på bolen! Er det eget design?

Marbada sa...

Wow these are beautiful. I'm gonna visit your blog more often, gonna read the rest of your blog now!!!

Quinn sa...

I'm also doing WIPCrackAway, and am finding it very energizing! Also, it's leading me to more blogs and designers, which is an unexpected bonus. :)
Your designs are absolutely amazing!

Heidi sa...

vilken söt tröja! jag gillar både mönstret och dom skira färgerna:)

Amanda May sa...

Wow, those are amazing!!

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