22. oktober 2009

Seminar knitting

I used to knit during classes, at school and in university. Nowadays I sometimes knit at conferences and seminars. This is the result of two days of seminar and a train trip:

It's a child version of my Scrap Gnomy , or Pointy Striped Color as Annie Modesitt called it in her book project 1000 faboulous hats. I love using left over yarn, and putting together colours. I'm quite happy with how they're turning out so far. They're going to be Christmas presents for two little sisters, I think.

I started the blue one when the pink reached the point where I wanted to change to double pointed needles. There is too much jingling with dpn's, I don't want to annoy people. And I don't want everybody's look on me when a needle falls to the floor...

There's another hat on the needles, too.

Can you guess what football team it is?

2 kommentarer:

yarndancer sa...

Oh my goodness, those hats are amazing!!!! I love how all the colours go so well together!

Asplund sa...

Beautiful colours and patterns! Look forward to seeing more photos.

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