4. oktober 2009

New pattern: Lullaby love

I fell in love with the Rainbow Kauni yarn in a small yarn shop in Copenhagen. I had no idea what to make, but I just had to buy a couple of rainbow skeins. I soon realised that this yarn would be perfect for a baby blanket (at least esthetically, maybe not practically..it’s handwash only). I've seen some shawls made of this yarn, that's a bit too much, even for me..

I finished the blanket last autumn, but I haven't showed it till recently, because I was trying to get the pattern published. I first submitted it to The Inside Loop, who published my first patterns, Hippocampus and Amiga. But sadly, the magazine had to close down this spring, as I told you before. Then I tried Knitty, but was again nicely rejected. Amy suggested I submit the pattern to Petite Purls, "a magazine that specializes in baby and children's knitting patterns". And so I did, but no... So here is the pattern - self published - for sale ($ 7). Hope you like it. More photos on Flickr.

Basic knitting skills
Stranded colourwork
Fabric lining and binding


MC Kauni Effektgarn wool; 438 yd/ 401 m per 100g skein; color: Rainbow;
(The Kauni skeins come in different sizes. I used just over one 160 g skein.)

CC Rauma Finullgarn wool; 360 yd /330 m per 100g skein; color: white; I used appr 125 g (Rauma Finullgarn is a Norwegian fingering wool yarn.
You can use any other fingering wool, f. ex a solid coloured Kauni.)

1 24-inch US #2,5/3mm circular needle
1 24-inch US #4 /3,5mm circular needle
Fabric for lining.

1 kommentarer:

Cat sa...

Oh, my goodness! If I could knit I would make a hundred of those! That has to be the most awesome baby blanket that I have seen in many a year! Such talent you have! Could you just shed a tad of that talent and send it my way? I'd love just to be able to finish a scarf! Hah!

Congratulations! I hope you sell a million of the patterns! It's gorgeous!

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