30. september 2009

Knitting in colour - o r a n g e -

Judith (Norwegian blog) has invited her fellow knitting bloggers to show their work in colour - and first is orange. She herself has some beautiful photos in her post. Orange is one of my favourite colours - and I thought, no problem, I must have lots of orange projects. But no, I could only find two (not counting the huge orange mohair sweater I made in the eighties, which I (un)fortunately don't have a photo of..)

The "Hup Holland" hat is of course orange:

And then the Wintergreen mittens, made in white and the orange part of Kauni effektgarn rainbow.

White and orange is a nice colour combo I think - have a look at these socks. I definitely must use more orange!!

25. september 2009

10000 kroner for football fields

Today I reached ten thousand Norwegian kroner for football fields! Thanks to everyone who has bought a hat or a pattern! But the new football ground is not yet here, so patterns are still for sale (see right sidebar), and I might even make another hat or two.

10. september 2009

Hawaiian flower tunic

I fell in love with these flowers when I found them on Flickr. Later, I saw them on Ravelry, and found a link to the free pattern. I sighed when I saw "Pattern is written in Australian terminology" - so, I would have to struggle through a third crochet terminology... But it turns out, British and Australian terminology are the same, at least for the stitches used in this pattern.

Tunic tutorial

You need: Twelve flower motifs joined like this. My motifs measure 8,5 cm, inner square 17 cm, outer square 34 cm.

A big t-shirt

Cut t-shirt like this

Cut sleeves like this

Sew together like this.

Add flowers

(Note about the flower motif pattern from Ravelry: "This pattern was originally in a single post, but when the designer’s blog was migrated she re-posted it round by round as a mystery motif. The pattern starts in the post titled “rings” on the linked page. You will then need to view the posts for each additional round, navigating to another archive page for several.")

4. september 2009

Libelula Piper

I knew I had the right button when I saw the Piper hat in Twist Collective Autumn 2009 .I first saw these buttons in an Art and Craft Fair in Oslo last August. Later, I saw that the museum shop at Maihaugen had started to sell these buttons, and that's where I bought this pretty dragonfly button. I tried to find a link to the museum shop, but couldn't find one. (You have a job to do, Tove! Here is a photo from the museum pharmacy.) You can see more buttons at Snella og Petronella. And here is my hat:

I used Garnstudio DROPS Silke Alpaca. It's very soft and nice, but lacks a little bit in elasticity. But I think I'll be happy with the hat. It's a great pattern, well written, and easy to follow. You can read about the design process on the designer Christa Giles' blog here.

I started out with the larger size, but I realised it would become to big. I'm so used to stranded colourwork, so I forget that stockinette stitch is much more elastic. So I omitted the last increase round, and it turned out ok for my 56 cm head (22 inches).

1. september 2009

Summer green Loppem

Another finished object - summer holiday car knitting, Norah Gaughan's Loppem.

Yarn: Kilcarra Aran Tweed, bought from Koolkitten destashing. It's hard to find this kind of yarn in Norway, at least where I live. I really like it, both the green colour, and the tweedy texture. I made size 38 (by using stitch numbers for size 32 and measurements for size 38 with a gauge of 15 in stead of 18 ). Maybe I should have made size 36, it's a little bigger than I expected, but I'll get used to it. It's warm and cosy, anyway. (Notice the cabling mistake under? The cables should have been mirrored, but I did not bother to unravel..)

The pattern was easy to follow, exept I might have misunderstood something about the placement of button holes. Never mind.

I used less than three skeins, so I think I'll have enough for a pair of mittens and a hat too. Yummy!

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