10. september 2009

Hawaiian flower tunic

I fell in love with these flowers when I found them on Flickr. Later, I saw them on Ravelry, and found a link to the free pattern. I sighed when I saw "Pattern is written in Australian terminology" - so, I would have to struggle through a third crochet terminology... But it turns out, British and Australian terminology are the same, at least for the stitches used in this pattern.

Tunic tutorial

You need: Twelve flower motifs joined like this. My motifs measure 8,5 cm, inner square 17 cm, outer square 34 cm.

A big t-shirt

Cut t-shirt like this

Cut sleeves like this

Sew together like this.

Add flowers

(Note about the flower motif pattern from Ravelry: "This pattern was originally in a single post, but when the designer’s blog was migrated she re-posted it round by round as a mystery motif. The pattern starts in the post titled “rings” on the linked page. You will then need to view the posts for each additional round, navigating to another archive page for several.")

3 kommentarer:

Pinneguri sa...

Du er et oppkomme av gode ideer!

ElioS sa...

Wonderful! :)

yarndancer sa...

Wow, fantastic! Thank you for the tutorial :)

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