30. september 2009

Knitting in colour - o r a n g e -

Judith (Norwegian blog) has invited her fellow knitting bloggers to show their work in colour - and first is orange. She herself has some beautiful photos in her post. Orange is one of my favourite colours - and I thought, no problem, I must have lots of orange projects. But no, I could only find two (not counting the huge orange mohair sweater I made in the eighties, which I (un)fortunately don't have a photo of..)

The "Hup Holland" hat is of course orange:

And then the Wintergreen mittens, made in white and the orange part of Kauni effektgarn rainbow.

White and orange is a nice colour combo I think - have a look at these socks. I definitely must use more orange!!

3 kommentarer:

Judith sa...

Så morsomt at du tok utfordringen ;-)
Kjempefine votter.

marit sa...


Og gratulerer med finaleplassen i "1000 fabulous knit hats"- nydelig lue du har striket:-)

torirot sa...

Morsomt at du har lagt merke til lua mi, Marit, jeg så ikke at det var offisielt før nå :-)

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