30. mars 2010

Football in blue and white

Spring is here and the Norwegian football season has started (earlier than usual, btw, the football league, I mean, not the spring...) Anyway, I have been inspired to make a couple of football related items again, one hat and one headband.

The Chelsea hat has been awaited by a young boy for a while, the MFK head band was a surprise gift.

Details from the hat. The pattern also includes instrucitons for working the hat withour the red flower on the top, just plain blue. The pattern is available in English, £ 4.

MFK is Molde Football Club from the Western part of Norway. The motif is their logo and the famous panoramic view from the city, the so called Molde panorama (I was not able to include all the 220 peaks...)

Pattern is coming, both for headband and hat. Both patterns are sold for new footballs fields in the neighbourhood. Read more here (English) and here (Norwegian).

2 kommentarer:

Gabriela sa...

Me gusta imaginar que tienes una vida muy ligada a los deportes, y que la disfrutas.
Tus nuevos patrones están preciosos, como todos.
Si estuvieras aquí, y tus patrones fueran relativos a los equipos que mi esposo e hijo mayor aman, sería tu clienta número uno, sin lugar a dudas! :D:D:D
Te deseo una Pascua de Resurrección hermosa, allá, donde la primavera aún no llega del todo, como aquí el otoño tampoco.
Un abrazo!

torirot sa...

Gracias, Gabriela!
Los equipos chilenos no conozco...

Un abrazo de Noruega, donde poco a poco va llegando la primavera.

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