7. mars 2010

Hope for Chile

My Ravelry friend Gaviota (Gabriela) is from Chile and lives in Santiago. She has made a beautiful cowl pattern called Esperanza ("hope" in Spanish). She sold this, and her other patterns as well, for Haiti, till the end of February. Ironically, and very sad, her country is now suffering from another earth quake. I purchased her pattern in February, and I just received an update:"Now in March, the purchase of this pattern will be to help my own country, Chile, for our terrible Earthquake and tsunamis. Please tell your friends." Which I hereby do.

It's a cute and well written pattern, I've just started knitting:

(Btw - my sales in February of the Selbu Peace&Love Mitten pattern made me able to donate 190$ to the Norwegian Red Cross' work in Haiti).

2 kommentarer:

yarndancer sa...

Thank you for linking to that pattern, it's beautiful. And for such a good cause!

Well done on raising so much for charity with your pattern!!

Gabriela sa...

Thank you so much for to divulge!
Thanks, thanks!!!
And thanks for everything too.
A bug hug from Chile to you!

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