19. mai 2012

Calling out for summer

"Rop på sommer'n så kommer'n" is a Norwegian saying, meaning "call for summer, and it's coming".

So I'm calling out by making a new pair of shorts! Inspiration found here, shorts made from table runner. I used a scarf. Just enough fabric for a pair of shorts. Ready for summer!

And a flower belt to spice it up even more! 

Waiting for summer...

First flower after Olavas pattern, found on her blog, in Norwegian, but with lots of photos. 

Second flower from Lucy in the Attic's super cute "Happy Flower Decoration". 
There are lots of projects on Ravelry.  

Third flower is a Lily, found here.

I would have loved to go outside in my new outfit (there is a "new" black top from Fretex to go with the shorts, too). but due to rain and 5 degrees Celsius, I'll probably be better off with a a pair of gloves.

Anyway, in May we still have the hope for a long and sunny summer. Have a nice weekend, everyone!

2 kommentarer:

Mary Lou sa...

We are suddenly having shorts weather, but I don't have any as cute as yours. Last night I saw Steven Van zandt singing Lillehammer is my kind of town, but he didn't have cute shorts on!

Babben sa...

Herlig sommerlig antrekk du har laget deg. Du får heller ta på litt ull-undertøy under, så holder du varmen :-)
Hekleblomstene du har laget bete av var bare kjempefine.

...og vi er flere som venter på sommer'n ja... mens vi strikker ullsokker og ullvotter ;-)

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