25. mai 2012

One sheep, two sheep ....

Pinneguri  inspired me to knit some sheep!


I had several hours on the train in front of me, and needed something small to knit. So I grabbed some suitable left overs from my Shetland wool type yarn, mostly Finullgarn, some Kauni, and some unknown.


It was a fun knit (I want to make more sheep!) and I'm happy with the colours I found in my stash. But summer is finally here, and I can wait some months to wear it. It will certainly go with me to Shetland in October!

ETA: The pattern is of course Kate Davies' brilliant Sheep Heid! Highly recommended.

3 kommentarer:

WildflowerWool sa...

Love the sheep. Is the pattern available?

WildflowerWool sa...

I found the pattern!

Mary Lou sa...

Sweet hat! Are you going to go to Whetland? Lucky you!

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