22. januar 2013

"Bind deg ein blomekrans"

I'm working on a pattern collection called "Bind deg ein blomekrans". The name is from a Norwegian folk song. Here's the first project, a hat, pattern coming soon.

Here are the lyrics of the song in Norwegian. 

Bind deg ein blomekrans,
kom så til leik og dans,
fela ho læt no så vakkert i lund.
/: Sit ikkje stur og tung, syn at du og er ung,
veks fri som fagre lyng, dans no og syng. :/

I checked for an English translation of the song, but couldn't find it. So I asked Google translate for help:

Tie up a flower wreath

came to play and dance,
fela ho Laet anything so beautiful in the grove.
/: Sit not sad and heavy, and vision that you are young,
alternating free as fair heath, dancing and no singing. :/

It doesn't maks much sence, does it?

Here's my own try: 
Tie up a flower wreath

then come to play and dance
the fiddle sounds so beautiful in the grove
/: do not sit sad and melancholic, show that you too are young,
grow freely as the fair heather, dance now, and sing :/

Maybe you have a better suggestion? Feel free to comment!

Here's my flower wreath, anyway, in 19 degress blow zero...

And here's the song if you wish to hear.

4 kommentarer:

Jordmor-Hanne sa...

Så fint mønster! Liker fargene godt også :)

WildflowerWool sa...

Brrr, it is cold here in Canada too! Perfect for warm hand knits. Love the new hat!

Zab sa...

Très joli! J'ai hâte de voir la suite!

dorothee draft sa...

Très joli projet. Et quel courage de prendre la pose par -19 !

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