12. januar 2013

Meet Dasha

I fell in love with this photo at North Rock Gallery in Lerwick during the wool week. The sheep's name was Dasha, and I couldn't leave Shetland without it. When I bought the photograph, both me and my friend were sure it would fit in my large suitcase, but alas, it didn't. The gallery helped me wrapping it more solidly to get it home. On the small plane from Shetland to Edinburgh, it was no problem, on the way back to Norway, I had to pay extra. Anyway, I got it home. My husband doesn't love sheep as much as I do, so I have put it in my office. 

About wool, in Norsk Husflid there were some interesting articles about Norwegian wool in the last issue. One of the articles is available online, about wool classification. I read about a project )called "Valuing Norwegian Wool", and when googling this, I found that there also was a Norwegian wool week. On Campaign for wool's page, there was also a note about this. One of the events was an exhibition about "The white gold"

I have some FOs to show you soon, but January is busy this year. Have a nice weekend, everyone!

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3 kommentarer:

Arnikai sa...

I love this photo too;)

Barwitzki sa...

Bilden er sjkønn... men
jeg er spennende - hva strikker du med Shetlandull?
Jeg skriver norsk fordi jeg lærer norsk. Deilig hilsen Viola

Barwitzki sa...

Bilden er skjønn... men
jeg er spennende - hva strikker du med Shetland-ull?
Jeg skriver norsk, fordi jeg lærer norsk. Hjertelige hilsen Viola

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