22. august 2015

Hurramegrundt! - Baby blanket - now in English

I'm not sure how to translate the name of this blanket, Hurramegrundt
But it's s fun knit, where you can use your stash yarn mix all the colours you want. 

I've had some amazing test knitters help me, Vatkugle, bedofroses, besto and eloja22

Thanks again, super knitters!

The pattern is now avaiable both in English and Norwegian.

3 kommentarer:

Huldr sa...

How about naming it merry-go-round in English? It's not the same, I know, but has some of the same feel to it I think. Beautiful blanket, no matter what the name is!

reSIRIkulert sa...

Vakkert ♥

Lisbeth Severinsen sa...

Wow, beautiful !

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