11. august 2015

Whose is the knitting heritage?

Who has the right to use our traditional patterns? Is it the yarn industry, or is it our common heritage that we can all use?
One of our talented Norwegian designers had to settle with a large yarn company that demanded exclusive rights to over 100 years old knitting patterns. Me and some other indie designers are making patterns in solidarity with her, offering new patterns that are inspired by traditional Norwegian patterns.
My contribution is the hat Marjusmonster. It has now been translated to English, so feel free to dowload it from Ravelry. 

The hat is worked in Rauma Mitu, in red, white and blue. I needed a little more than one skein of the blue colour, so if you work the striped garter stitch brim in only red and white, you can perhaps do with only one skein of each color. You don’t need more than about 25-30 g of the red and white.

The pattern is not test knitted, so if you encounter anything strange, please tell me.

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Mary Lou sa...

Interesting. If the patterns are traditional, it doesn't seem right that anyone can own them. I'm downloading in solidarity!

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