30. desember 2009

2009 in knitting

When it comes to knitting, I think I'll always remember 2009 as the year of the football hats. This has so far raised 16 000 NKr for football fields. (We need one million, but luckily, there are other ways of getting money too..)

But there have been other projects also, most of them you can see in my Flickr set, FO 2009.

I have tried some new techniques in 2009. The most useful thing I learnt, was spit splicing (see under tutorials in the left sidebar, if you wonder what and how). I've also understood what "wrap and turn" is all about, didn't really know about short rows before.

I also had the great pleasure to teach a little girl to knit. I recently learned from her family's Christmas letter, the pot holder is now finished.

1 kommentarer:

AnnetteK sa...

Det har blitt en del luer ja. Og gjetter jeg riktig kommer det sikkert flere også etter hvert ;)

Godt nytt år!!

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