26. desember 2009

Ecuador mittens

This beautiful hat is a gift brought to us from Ecuador. It's all alpaca, I think, very soft and warm. And I love the colours! But there were no matching mittens.

I used the charts from the Lion mittens, removed the lions and found my crayons. It's fun to draw charts by hand (using Excel is tedious and boring).

The mittens are made of 100% wool, different scrap yarn, worked on needles 3 mm (cuff) and 3,5 mm. I was going to make a corrugated rib, but beeing in a lazy mood, I invented a "Lazy currogated rib" (I'm sure it's done before, but haven't seen it.) I don't like purling with two colours. So I started out in black: k1, p1 (working in the round). Next round only knitting: 1 black (over the knitted stitch from last round), 1 blue (over the purled stitch from last round). Then repeating these to rounds. I'm quite happy with the result: A firm and elastic (and quick) ribbing for lazy knitters.

The rest was just fun, except from weaving in the ends...

4 kommentarer:

Asplund sa...

A beautiful hat and beautiful mittens!

I can't think of a better way to show you appreciate a gift than to make something that matches it. Whoever gave you the hat must be thrilled to know you made mittens to go with it.

mono sa...

Duverden, for en nydelig lue!! Fantastiske farger og mønster! =)

Vottene ble jo også veldig flotte!! =)

torirot sa...

Takk, begge to!
Lua var en gave fra min mor, som lærte meg å strikke da jeg var fem år.

Judith sa...

Så fin lue du fikk. Og smart å strikke votter som passer til.
Fortsatt god romjul.

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