30. mars 2010

Football in blue and white

Spring is here and the Norwegian football season has started (earlier than usual, btw, the football league, I mean, not the spring...) Anyway, I have been inspired to make a couple of football related items again, one hat and one headband.

The Chelsea hat has been awaited by a young boy for a while, the MFK head band was a surprise gift.

Details from the hat. The pattern also includes instrucitons for working the hat withour the red flower on the top, just plain blue. The pattern is available in English, £ 4.

MFK is Molde Football Club from the Western part of Norway. The motif is their logo and the famous panoramic view from the city, the so called Molde panorama (I was not able to include all the 220 peaks...)

Pattern is coming, both for headband and hat. Both patterns are sold for new footballs fields in the neighbourhood. Read more here (English) and here (Norwegian).

26. mars 2010

Christmas gift along - M a r c h

The March gift is Gabriela's cowl , a beautiful pattern pattern called Esperanza ("hope" in Spanish).

It was a quick and fun knit! My yarn, Cotonani from Mirasol yarn, is soft and warm. Probably a little thicker than the yarn used in the original, because I could only make six repeats (not eight as in the original). Lucky me, that was when I ran out of yarn, too.

23. mars 2010

What happened on March 6th?

There is sometimes a sudden increase in the download activity of my Ravelry patterns. It happens when there is a KAL going on ("knit along" for those who are not used to this abbreviation, a CAL would then be a crochet along). It also happens when a new free pattern is published. But I have no idea what happened on March the 6th!

21. mars 2010

Amiguitas Crochet along on Ravelry

My Amiguitas wristwarmer pattern has been chosen as the March CAL in the Fingerless Glove Fanatics Group on Ravelry. This pattern was originally posted on my blog, and you needed the Amiga neckwarmer pattern (Ravelry download) for the pentagon pattern. I'm honoured to have my pattern chosen for a CAL, and I have therefore made the pattern available as a free download: download now

If you're a Ravelry member, you can see the CAL projects here.

20. mars 2010

Another birthday tunic

For my friend Johanne, I made this brown tunic. I've used two old trousers, one fabric from a thrift store, another one from my stash, crocheted flowers and edging. See details on Flickr.

13. mars 2010

Sock yarn mitten pattern balaclava

Because "everyone" talks about handpainted sock yarn.
Because I found some nice skeins on Etsy.
Because I did not want to make socks.
Because there are so many cute mitten patterns out there.
Because I did not want to make mittens either.
Because I had been thinking about how to make a Balaclava with stranded colourwork.
Because I'm not afraid of steeking:

sock yarn mitten pattern balaclava

Some of you might recognise Helloyarn's mitten pattern.

In use!

Another one on the needles:

7. mars 2010

Hope for Chile

My Ravelry friend Gaviota (Gabriela) is from Chile and lives in Santiago. She has made a beautiful cowl pattern called Esperanza ("hope" in Spanish). She sold this, and her other patterns as well, for Haiti, till the end of February. Ironically, and very sad, her country is now suffering from another earth quake. I purchased her pattern in February, and I just received an update:"Now in March, the purchase of this pattern will be to help my own country, Chile, for our terrible Earthquake and tsunamis. Please tell your friends." Which I hereby do.

It's a cute and well written pattern, I've just started knitting:

(Btw - my sales in February of the Selbu Peace&Love Mitten pattern made me able to donate 190$ to the Norwegian Red Cross' work in Haiti).

4. mars 2010

Winter holiday




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