9. juli 2011

Android sweater and miraculous elastic bind off

First, thanks for all your supportive comments on my last post about knitting books!

Her's finally an FO on this blog. (Well, I know there was a hat in June, but that had been finished for a while, and was posted on the receiver's birthday, just in case he should be following my blog, which I very much doubt, though.)

I had two big skeins of some blue sock yarn from my aunt's stash. Sock yarn is good for boys' sweaters, can be machine washed, and is not too warm, which they fear. So this one is accepted, but luckily not needed at the moment.

Free pattern, ("Dancing robots")by NeulovaNarttu

Modifications: My gauge was tighter, so I casted on 180 sts for hem needles 2,5 mm. Increased to 200 sts and needles 3,5 for stranded pattern, 3,0 for the rest of the boby. I made a stripy garter stitch edging for sleeves and neck, and did more stripe motifs on sleeves, also added one around the neck.

Yarn: Zwerger Garn Opal 4-ply for main colour, and some left over Rauma Babygarn and
ninukka sock yarn.

I had to rip the raglan part twice. Lessons learnt:
1) Follow pattern
2) If you don't follow pattern, do calculations.
3) If you don't do calculations, rip and start over till it fits.

After it finally was finished ( I thought), the bind off was to tight, even after blocking. I had read somewhere about a more elastic bind off, so I did a search on google: "elastic bind off". And the first hit was a super tutorial and the neck opening is perfect. Here you go, miraculous elastic bind off, brought to you from New Zealand via world wide web.

And what are you up to, young man?

5 kommentarer:

skb sa...

Super genser til ein i rette storleiken! Junior på 5 ville nok syns denne var überkul.

duBedåre sa...

Fabelaktig robotgenser! Denne hadde gutta her i huset likt også. Tipper mottageren er passe ganske superfornøyd? (o:

torirot sa...

Tusen takk, begge to! Ja, mottaker er fornøyd, men insisterer på at om sommeren er det kun shorts og t-skjorte som gjelder, uansett vær...

WildflowerWool sa...

super cute!!

Mary Lou sa...

Very cute - I love sock yarn for kids sweaters, too. And I spend a significant portion of knitting time ripping and reknitting. My husband just shakes his head in wonder. (He has given up commenting on knitting books.)

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