31. juli 2011

Crafty tourism

Earlier this summer, we visited Sjølingstad Uldvarefabrik. A beautiful place on a sunny summer day, where they make yarn and beautiful woollen blankets.

I came home with some yarn, of course. Wool and mohair (but not the fluffy type). I do have some plans, even a small, secret wip.

I could not resist buying a book either, "Invisible threads" by Annemor Sundbø. It's not a pattern book, although it does contain some patterns, it's more a book about knitting history, culture and symbolism in knitting. I like it. There are also charts with old motifs, which is always nice to have.

You can see some more photos on Flickr.

2 kommentarer:

Flowermouse Design sa...

Oh, I live near by and it´s a wonderful place to be. Sort of a woolly paradise!!! Glad you enjoyed it so much!!

Monstermønster sa...

Som utflytta mandalitt er det stor stas å se god omtale av Sjølingstad :)

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