10. november 2011

Colourful and bright, with red

I forgot to blog the last potholder I made in the swap.

Duvi wanted her potholders to be colourful and bright, with red. I think I fulfilled that wish, at least.

I made eight hexagons.
Added one round of double crochet with red
and then sewed them  together through the back loop.

The African Flower Hexagon has become one of my favourites now,
it't easy, and fun, with endless colour poossibilities.
And you can make all sorts of things from them, blankets, bags, balls.

Have a colourfull November thursday!

Btw, thanks for nice comments on my kithcen curtains.
It was originally meant to become a bedspread,
but I soon realised that would happen
in such a distant future that I chose to use it diffently

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