7. februar 2013

Casting on

I'm good at casting on. By that meaning, starting new projects. Here's the newest one, that I acutally finished too. A hat, in sport weght yarn. More about that later. 


When it comes to different cast ons, I'm not esepcially good, using the long tail cast on mostly. Not especially good, but improving. For my last hat design, I learnt a new cast on, from Woolly Wormhead; Alternate Cable Cast-On for 2x2 rib.  This makes a neat edge, that look the same on both sides, so it's especially nice if you want to fold the brim up. 

Before I discovered the knitting resources on the Internet, I had no idea there are som many ways to cast on. This was among the things we talked about at the meeting in Lillehammer husflidslag last week. 

Pinneguri wrote a post about favourite boards on Pinterest recently. I found a board with different cast ons only.

At the meeting last week, some ladies showed me how they used to cast on. I was a different long tail cast on, that I recognised as the "Old Norwegian Cast On", that I had never seen before, except on Internet, for example here and here. These to ladies had learnt this cast on as children, growing up in the valley Gudbrandsdalen, north of Lillehammer. So, the cast on probably is old and Norwegian! They said it results in a stretchier fabric than the ordinary long tail cast on. 

And today I saw a different version on Pinterest: Norwegian Alternating Knit & Purl Cast On

Source: youtube.com via Liz on Pinterest

It looks like a version of the Old Norwegian Cast On, where you just mirror what you normally do, to get the purls. Looks interesting. 

What is your favourite cast on? Bad question, of course, as  you probably have one cast on for each purpose.. Or what?

Here's a glimpse of the hat and you can see that I have cast off too! With an I'cord, another technique learnt through Internet. But more about that later. I have some finished objects to show you - I might make a February FO series.

2 kommentarer:

Miranne sa...

Eg har vorte glad i Old Norwegian, nettopp fordi den er meir elastisk.
Det rare er at eg lærte det av ei amerikansk dame, som omtalte det som Twisted German.
Me hadde ein herleg dag saman:

Mary Lou sa...

I am lazy, and mostly use the long-tail cast on. When I need to, I'll do a knitted cast on or Twisted German.

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