12. februar 2013

Celebrity mittens (or mittens and places #5)

Tora Berger is doing well in the biathlon championship. She also seems to be a very sympathetic person, and she's a knitter (well, all knitters are sympathetic, aren't they?)

Photo borrowed from www.gd.no

And Norwegian knitters have noticed the mittens she's wearing.

It turns out, they're the Dovre mittens, Dovre beeing Tora's home place. I found a couple of them on Ravelry, but no pattern entry, so I added it earlier today. (I don't have details about sizes, gauge and yarn, so if anyone who has the pattern could update it on Ravelry, or leave a comment, so I can do it, it would be nice.)

The mittens were designed by Kirsten Hjort Engum for a design competition in 2000, and have been published in Norsk Huslflid 4- 2007. The pattern, or a kit,  can also be bought through Dovre husflidslag ( I guess they're busy sending out patterns at the moment!). I have also found some examples on knitting blogs, here and here.

3 kommentarer:


Du skal se Dovrevotten får et oppsving nå! Heia Norge!

WildflowerWool sa...

So great to see an athlete wear hand knit mittens!

Turid D sa...

Liv forteller at Dovrevotten er strikket i Rauma 3-tråds garn.

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