11. februar 2013

February FO #3 - Scalloway wristwarmers

Another FO to be blogged about in February - Scalloway wristwarmers.

The first night at Jamieson &Smith during the Wool Week, I bought four balls of Jumper Weight yarn (in addition to yarn for the Scatnes tunic, that is..), and I wanted to try it right away. So I cast on for a pair of wristwarmers. I don't know where the houses came from, the just popped up in my head then and there. 

I went on knitting in the car the next day. And in Scalloway we saw one of the purple houses from the wristlets!

I might be writing a pattern for these one day...

2 kommentarer:

dorothee draft sa...

J'aime beaucoup !

CeltChick sa...

Yes, please publish! 2013 is my Year of Color Knitting, and I'd like to be able to make these. Love the little houses, so unusual and yet something we see daily!

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