4. august 2014

Latifolia & Twist Collective Fall 2014

Here's the first version of Latifolia hat and mittens - in the photo I sent with my submission to Twist collective.

When I designed this set, I was thinking of the paper decorations we made as kids - with black and white paper, cutting out motifs in black, then gluing them to the white paper to get a mirrored motif. Makes sense?

The yarn here is Dale Cotinga, a blend of merino and alpaca.

Here's the sample I made from the yarn Twist collective chose, O-Wool's Legacy DK, 100% merino, which is also a nice yarn, a little thinner than the Dale Cotinga (as I suggested, to get a nicer drape for the hat). I like the colour they chose for me too!

Here's me wearing the sample, before sending it off to the US. You can see some snow in the background, but I did not really need hat and mittens that day..

© Twist Collective
And here's the main photo on Twist Collective's page.

It's a fabulous issue, see the patterns on Ravelry, or on Twist Collective. I find it impossible to choose a favourite.

2 kommentarer:

LivM sa...

Nydelige votter og lue. Tror jeg skal prøve disse i Dalegarnet du nevner, det er helt nytt for meg!


Jeg har strikket en del med Cotinga - veldig fint fall og supert til luer. Yndlingsvantene mine er også i Cotinga - deilig og mykt, men nupper litt i bruk. Men det gjør ingen ting, for fargene er så fine og vantene er så myke og varme. Syns den øverste varianten var finest, jeg!

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