17. august 2014

Which year in Lerwick?

I've been asked why the sweater is called "Next year in Lerwick". So here's the story:

In 2012, I went to Shetland for the first time, during the Wool Week, and I spent some fantastic days there. I was inspired to make something using the treasure of the fairisle patterns.

The sweater sat in my head for a while. I was hoping to go back to Shetland for Wool Week 2013, where I planned to buy yarn for the sweater. But when I couldn't go, I bought the Norwegian Rauma Finullgarn in stead, and stared knitting. Hoping to go to Shetland Wool Week 2014, hence the name, "Next year in Lerwick". And now next year is this year, and I'm going to Shetland in October. Together with Pinneguri and her sweater "This year in Lerwick".

It's so fun to see all the different versions people are making, and the names they give their projects. QueenMudd with "In love with Lerwick", Fibula with "One year in Lerwick". Willenda is hoping for "Some year in Lerwick", and Birthe has spun her yarn for "Twilight in Lerwick", Bossa also wants to go to Lerwick, "Not this year, but then". Berit has plant coloured the yarn for her sweater, and Eva has turned it into a cardigan. There are also several photos on Instagram tagged with #nextyearinlerwick.

By the way, did you know Lerwick comes from the Norwegian name Leirvik, meaning Bay of Clay?

6 kommentarer:

Flowermouse Design sa...

So much fun to read the whole story about your lovely sweater!!!! It is such a wonderful design!!! And I am looking forward to see photos from your trip!! You lucky girl!! The series Shetland this summer makes me realize that I would looove to go to sometime :-)

Zab sa...

Very beautiful sweater! You're a great designer!

elle-melle sa...

Så det er slik den hat fått navnet. Tenkte kanskje det kom av en drøm om å reise dit, men det er altså en drøm om å reise tilbake. Nå har jeg en drøm om next year in Lerwick, så kanskje?
God tur til dere!

Heidi sa...

What a beautiful sweater!

Rebecca Pfeiffer sa...

What a beautiful sweater! I am thinking of knitting it, but am not sure if I have enough yarn in the stash. Would you mind sharing the approximate yarn totals by color? Thank you!

torirot sa...

Rebecca, I'm sorry I have missed your comment for a long time.

Yarn amount for size medium:

F=colour, colour name in Norwegian, colour number, amount in grams.

F1 beige 406 150 g
F2 lys turkis 4705 26 g
F3 mellomturkis 483 36 g
F4 mørk turkis 4505 44 g
F5 blå petrol 438 50 g
F6 mørk blå 449 32 g
F7 lys gul 4805 36 g
F8 mørk gul 4197 20 g
F9 oransje 4205 5 g
F10 rød 435 11 g
F11 brun 423 14 g

Yarn amount for size XL.

F1 beige 406 200 g
F2 lys turkis 4705 33 g
F3 mellomturkis 483 45 g
F4 mørk turkis 4505 55 g
F5 blå petrol 438 50 g
F6 mørk blå 449 63 g
F7 lys gul 4805 45 g
F8 mørk gul 4197 25 g
F9 oransje 4205 7 g
F10 rød 435 14 g
F11 brun 423 18 g

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