22. august 2014

Mystery time is near

Autumn is a good time for mitten knitting. (As you all know, the whole year is a good time for mitten knitting!) And this autumn, you can join a mystery knitalong on Ravelry, in the wonderfully nice and supportive "I make mittens"-group, who have hosted my two previous mystery knitalongs. In July 2013 we made "En gåte på en måte" (A riddle, in a way), and in January 2014 the mystery mittens were inspired by the book "The secret garden". The knitalongs were both great fun, and I hope this one will be as well.

How to join?
When purchasing the pattern, you get details about yarn, sizing etc. Then, on September 1st you'll get the first clue, and over the next weeks, you'll get four more clues. It's not compulsory to join the discussion in the group, but that's at least half of the fun, so I'd go visit if I were you.

This time, the pattern costs 15 nkr, which is appr. 2.50 USD. However, the pattern will be part of a future mitten e-book, and if you buy the e-book later, you will get this sum deducted from the e-book price. Stay tuned for more information on that...

1 kommentarer:

Berit Stormarken sa...

Now we have started. Very exciting. Waiting for the next clue. Thanks for doing this Tori

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