18. august 2011

Pot holder week - evaluation

So, did I find a pattern I want to make five pot holders from?
- No

Did I find patterns I want to try?
- Yes, many

- Norwegian Pot Holder Swap!

To join, there are two requirements:
One: - you have to be a Ravelry member (which is free, fun, but addictive)
Two: - you need to understand Norwegian (which is a North Germanic language spoken primarily in Norway and not learnt in a fortnight).
And of course you need to be able to crochet a pot holder in two weeks.

I suppose the language is the hardest part. But the idea is free, and you can start your own swap if you like, in English, Spanish or any language you like. (I might even join you..)

We've organized the swap in a Ravelry group.

The participants can ask for specific colours or style in the pot holders they are to receive. (So far bright and colourful is a popular choice, some want red or blue, some want warm earth tones - it will be fun to se what people come up with.)

We have a list of participant, and you shall then make one pot holder for each of the four participants under you on the list. The first within a certain date, the next two weeks later and so on.

That way, you'll get four pot holders in the colours you want. So far we're nine, and there's room for more - you have till September 1st if you want to join! Click here to find us on Ravelry.

And here's some inspirational crochet blogs:

In Norwegian: Olava and Sols(tr)ikke

In English: EmmaLamb, Dottie Angel, Crochet with Raymond and Attic24

You can find more links in the swap's dicussion thread.

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