8. august 2011

Pot holder week

First, thanks for commenting on my last post and reminding me that knitting is for fun, nobody counts the wips but me and I can have as many as I want. For my own sanity I will try to keep the number constant... Which means there might be an FO and a new WIP to show you in the near future.

Before that, I'm joining Annepålandet in her Pot Holder Week. She wrote about her first pot holder, but didn't have a photo. I don't remember my first pot holder, the ones in the photo are the first I remember, but surely not the first. It was my first try at tapestry crochet, before I even knew the technique had a name.

Pot holders by Torirot

Pot holders, a photo by Torirot on Flickr.

We use them in our mountain cottage. You can see that I liked colours also as a girl.

What about your pot holder stories? Will you join Anne and me?

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Gøy! Jeg klikket meg inn på Flickr-linken din - så mye fint du har heklet!
Jeg er litt hekta på hekling akkurat nå - har så mange planer men Ting Tar Tid......

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