7. mars 2012

The advantage of sewing & redesign

Instant gratification!

In a couple of hours I had a new dress.

It started with a stripey pair of tights I never used. I liked the fabric, though, and thought, hmm... sleeves maybe. Then I found a t-shirt with a cute little snail at a 2nd hand shop. The rest is from my stash:

- green fabric, left over from a friend who turned a dress into a tunic

- red flowery fabric, brought to me from Tanzania a few years ago

I cut off the sleeves and the lower part of the t-shirt.

The legs of the tights became sleeves, the rest became a flower and edging.

And voilá! Ready for spring!

5 kommentarer:

Flowermouse Design sa...

Tori, that dress is stunning. I love it!!! So creative and with a story in every bit of it. What a talent!!

Mary Lou sa...

Super cute - such talent! Also, I heard Steven Van Zandt interviewed this morning on the radio about Lilyhammer. I didn't realize, but he is executive producer.

torirot sa...

Thank you, Flowermouse and Mary Lou!
This evening, they send the 2nd last episode of Lilyhammer - we're hoping for another season, did he say anytihing about that?

Judith sa...

Så flott kjole.
Sånn har jeg også lyst til å sy, men jeg er ikke helt der ennå, det går foreløpig mest i puter og gardiner.

Zab sa...

J'aime ça!!!!!!!!

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