30. mai 2010

Pink? Me?

I'm not a pink person.
But for a while I borrowed a pink shawl from my sister,
and after she got it back, I missed it.

Now I've made myself a new one:

Pattern. Sweet Pea Shawl by Amie Hirtes
Book: Happy Hooker (also available online, see pattern link)
Hook: 3.5 mm
Yarn: Araucania Ranco Multy

I've been working on the shawl for a couple of years, actuallY, picked it up from time to time. The pattern is easy to remember and get back to after a pause. But the log rows were a little boring - so there were many pauses.. But with each row beeing shorter than the last - it sort of went faster and faster. And finally I have a pink shawl !! Yeah!! (The weather forecast indicates I won't need it for the next fortnight - I don't mind, really, knowing I'll get plenty of opportunities to use it later.)

4 kommentarer:

Vibekes lille grønne sa...

Jeg har det samme forholdet til rosa, og har aldri strikket/heklet i den fargen. Sjalet ditt var nydelig og siden rosafargen var litt dempet og hvitmelert ble det veldig passe rosa! :) Ser ut som et herlig sommersjal!

Tora sa...

I love your shawl, both color, pattern and the fringes! Perfect for those chilly summer nights when you're not yet ready to go inside..

Solveig sa...

Nydelige heklemasker. I fører meg sjelden rosa jeg også, men av og til må man bare.

Ik brei sa...

love how you think of yourself as "not a pink person" Never thought of that categorie, but I do believe it excists. I also think of myself as "not a pink person" but didn't have words for it untill I read your blog.

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