25. mai 2010

Knitting in colour - t u r q u o i s e

A new post in the "Knitting in colour"-series inspired by Judith.

Now turqouise. The colour that we traditionally call turquoise in Norway ("turkis"), is, in my head anyway, a little colder than the colour of the stone. I do like the colour, although I prefer the darker and warmer versions.

When I looked after turquoise projects, I realised I should have called the post "Crochet in colour" - all the projects I found were crocheted. Maybe it is a crochet colour?

Anyway, here is what I found:

Top left: Queen Anne's Lace Scarf (ravelink) by Khebhin Gibbons, details here.
Top right: My pattern, not written down.

Bottom left: My pattern, autumn hat, free pattern (see left sidebar)
Bottom right: At The Back of My Mind Choker by Marnie MacLean

5 kommentarer:

Nina sa...

Ooh, pretty colors! Btw, what's that flowery-type scarf in the first pic? It looks very beautiful.

torirot sa...

Thanks, Nina! I've updated the post, so you can click to find the Ravelry-page. Nice and fun pattern - and perfect for a yarn like Noro, I think.
Have a nice weekend!

Judith sa...

Herlige heklesaker! Du er så kreativ!!

Nina sa...

Well yes, of course it's that scarf! I knew I'd seen it before. I really have to make one myself, it's so very pretty. I love your version. :)

Solveig sa...

Her var det nye fint. Har også heklet noen eksemplarer av det skjerfet. Synes det er så fint - spesielt i garn med litt lange fargeskift.

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