2. mai 2010

Latvian tunic

I've finally finished my "Latvian tunic". Latvian because I've used Latvian stars from various sources: mostly this mitten book and this fabuolous site .

The yarn is Mirasol from Du store alpakka, a super soft DK alpaca yarn. It's a lovely yarn, and it's nice to know that when you buy this yarn, you contribute to the Mirasol procject.

I'm not so happy with the yoke and the sleeves, I didn't have a pattern, and was (too) eager to get to the stranded part, which I'm very happy with. But altogether, it's ok.

6 kommentarer:

Monstermønster sa...

Den ble flott! Ble sittende og kikke lenge på de ulike stjernene, mye kule varianter! Takk for fine linker.

yarndancer sa...

Wow, that's amazing!! I love the colour, the design, everything!! Well done! :D

Asplund sa...

Fantastiskt vacker. både färg och mönster!

Solveig sa...

Fantastisk! Ble så imponert over alle de ulike stjernene. Tenker det har vært et spennende prosjekt.

torirot sa...

Tusen takk for hyggelige kommentarer, alle sammen! Thank you, Yarndancer!
There are 24 different stars, in case anyone wonders.

Nina sa...

Ooh, that's gorgeous!

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