5. mai 2010

May pot holders

I had decided not to start any new projects before finishing some old... But I could not resist when Annepålandet came up with a pattern for her gorgeous pot holders! It's free, and so far only in Norwegian, but will be translated she says. The other one is Disc-Disc (ravelink) from ChickenBetty.

Thanks, Anne, it's a lovely pattern, I will make more!
(I fear pot holder crocheting can be a bit addictive...)

This was a nice pattern, too!

And this is what they look like from behind:

2 kommentarer:

Judith sa...

Flotte grytekluter, noe for 70-tallsgarnet mitt kanskje?
Tunikaen i innlegget under var kjempefin!!!

torirot sa...

Tusen takk! Grytekluter er kjapp og morsom hekling,og man kan leke seg med restegarn og farger.

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