May 17, 2010

Constitution day

Nearly 200 years ago, the Norwegian constitution was signed on the 17th of May. The day is celebrated every year with children's parades. If you have a traditional costume, a so called bunad , you wear it on this day. Every district has its own bunad. Mine is from Gudbrandsdalen, where I live, but that is just a coincidence, really: My grandmother grew up in Oslo, but her family came from Vestfold. She didn't like the Vestfold bunad. And Oslo had no bunad of its own, the bunads beeing a rural tradition. She then chose to make herself a bunad from Gudbrandsdalen. And my parents chose to move here when I was little - and I was lucky to inherit this beautiful heirloom:

I would never have the pacience, or the skill, to embroider something like this. As I told you before, my grandmother was a very skilled crafter.

2 kommentarer:

D Louise said...

Your bunad is, indeed, beautiful! Your grandmother was very talented, and it is obvious you've inherited her sense of color. And how fun is it that you have a reason to wear it each and every year.

torirot said...

Thanks, D Louise!

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