4. september 2012

Still counting sheep

52 sheep!
Pattern: Sheep Heid 
Yarn: Left overs, mostly Rauma Finullgarn

Speaking of sheep
- this summer I discovered a lovely podcast called Electric Sheep. It's made by Katie, a London knitter, who speaks brilliantly about sheep, imaginary and real ones, about wool and kntting, but also other interesting and more serious subjects, like beards, gin, cakes and more. Like me, she's not a sock knitter, which feels good to know. The podcast is a perfect mixture of fun, serious essays and knitting. I brought several old shows with me on holiday, and had some quiet mornings with my sheepy knitting and a coffee, listening to Electric Sheep, while the rest of the family were still asleep.

Speaking of sheep #2
- Have you seen Pinneguri's new pattern? Her Angry Sheep Cardigan ("Sinnasaujakka") has just been released. You see the lovely modell on the photo? I'm using it without asking, because that's me! I did not make the cardigan though, it's one of Pinneguri's four (?) projects. On Ravelry, there are already 19 project pages for the cardigan - probably more when you read this. I've not casted on yet, I'm trying to do some UFO-finishing and stash busting. I'm thinking I might find some  suitable yarn in Shetland during the Wool Week, so I'll be stash busting till then.

Speaking of sheep # 3
- I noticed I had several patterns and projects in my favourites, that I had tagged with sheep. Here are some:

A couple of free sock patterns, sheep may safely graze, and biscottes sheep

Kate Davies' cute tea cozy, Sheep Carousel, and her blanket, of course. I believe there are more sheepy patterns coming from her soon.

Here's a sheep chart, and here's a free pattern for a very sheepy sweater.

A free mitten pattern here, and a baby cardigan here, Sheep Yoke Baby cardigan.

There's a children's sweater  from Sandnes design, aren't these the cutest little sheep?

Ann Kingstone has a vest pattern with sheep and yarn. I believe it was free for a while, I actually think I have it, but now you can buy it on Ravelry.

Here's a scarf with some nice sheep on it, there's no pattern link, but the chart would be easy to copy if you like the sheep (for personal use only, of course). 

And then, a knitted sheep, free pattern here.

7 kommentarer:

Flowermouse Design ❀ Lone sa...

Such lovely hats!! I just had to smile - sheeps are just the funnies creatures!! And they give us plenty of wool!!!

nragnhild sa...

Så mange fine luer, og sauelinker! Takk :)

Unknown sa...

Du lager så mange flotte og fargerike luer.

Vibekes lille ullne sa...

Jeg er redd jeg er en av de 19 som ikke klarte å stå imot å strikke sinnasaujakka. :)

Herlige saueluer. Du er så flink til å kombinere farger så sluttresultatet blir både harmonisk og sprelsk.

torirot sa...

Takk, alle sammen! Vibeke - jeg gleder meg til å se jakka di, skal følge med :-)

Monica sa...

Härligt att hitta en ny blogg (hittade dig via Ravelry)! Jag älskar också får och dina mössor är helt fantastiska!

Elisabeth sa...

Og lua øverst til venstre lå under mitt juletre :) Kjempefin - og veldig varm :) Tusen takk!

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