28. september 2013

Knitted on the edge

Last year I bought a knitting book with lost of different edgings, knitting on the edge, by Nicky Epstein. This lace was started then, trying out one of the edgings And finally turned into a little cowl by adding some stripes and ribbing. Gifted to a little niece. 

And how about the book?
There are lots of nice edgings, many of them are not just edgings, so it can be used as a stitch dictionnary also. The lay out and photos are beautiful, and there are some patterns too, one for each chapter, using one of the edgings in a garment. 

What I didn't think of when I bought it, but that I missed when I started knitting from it, are charts. There are no charts, and for me, who much prefer charts to written instructions, that's a drawback. I would also have liked more edgings knitted topdown, so you can easily add them to an existing garment, or use them in top down constructions. 

But exept from these two things, it's a very nice resource. 

2 kommentarer:

Berit Stormarken sa...

I bought this book too, but I have not yet got the time to test it. Nice patterns.

Monstermønster sa...

Kjekt med bokomtale! Jeg har lurt litt på den, for teknikkbøker er veldig praktisk og anvendbare. Men ikke diagrammer, altså? Hmmm.

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