17. september 2013

Sock yarn tunic - a 2 year work in progress

I promised myself to finish a few projects before starting Colorcraving, Stephen West's mystery shawl. I have finished a pink shawl, a toddler's cowl, and last, but definitely not the least, this sock yarn tunic that I started in May 2011. 

The neckline and the raglan shaping is from a sweater pattern, Elphaba.

The two first flower patterns are from Pinneguri's Latvian Garden Blanket
The third flower pattern is form my Blomekrans Vest.
The lace at the bottom is from Kirsten Kapurs Cladonia Shawl.

Here I am, wearing the tunic and knitting the first clue of the Mystery Shawl!

4 kommentarer:

Flowermouse Design sa...

That is extraordinary Toni!! Wow, worth waiting for.... MKAL is so much fun!!!


Oj, så mye arbeid! Den ble fin!

Mary Lou sa...

Holy Cow! That is superlative! And washable...clever, and gorgeous.

torirot sa...

Thank you, Flowermouse, Annepålandet and Mary Lou!

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