6. desember 2011

♥ 6 ♥ Christmas at Maihaugen

On Sunday we visited Maihaugen,
the outdoor museum I have mentioned several times before.
It's a lovely place just to go for a walk,
or you can visit the exhibitions, go inside the houses,
join a guided tour, shop in old fashioned shops etc.
They often have activities for children,
and on Sunday you could bake ginger bread cookies.

As you can see, the snow is missing still,
to make it perfectly "Christmasy".

But inside the minister's house,
the table is set for Chrismtmas dinner.

Beautiful tapestry on the walls of "Prestegarden" from Vågå.
(Norwegian link)

Why do I love Maihaugen so much?

It's a beautiful place,
and I spent many happy summers working there
while I was a student.
I find the old houses somehow calming to look at.
I remember I loved having the early shift,
when we opened the houses,
and could have a quiet time
before all the tourists arrived.
But the tourists where fun, too!
It was not always easy
answering all their questions.

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